Congratulations, you are here!  I’m STOKED and can’t wait to meet you.  Feeling a little nervous? I get it. I was too.  And then, I said yes. I found a coach and it changed my life forever.  For once, I began asking myself questions I’d never asked before, I started getting really clear on who I wanted to be, what I wanted to give back and how I wanted to show-up every single day. There’s always one first step and this my friend, is yours (virtual high-five!).

I have an application process--don’t worry--there’s no right or wrong answer here!  All I ask is that you be 100% authentically, YOU. The questionnaire is for those who are curious AND serious about getting started with Certified High Performance Coaching with me. Upon approval, I will first provide you with a free, 60 or 90-minute strategy or discovery session. During that session, we get to know each other and see if we both feel we are a good fit to work together. If you are serious about elevating to your next level, fill out the application below. If you are a good candidate for my Certified High Performance Coaching program, I'll contact you to set up the complimentary session.  I promise you'll walk away from the session with tools, strategies, and insights to help you become your best, more intentional self.  It's your time, you've got this!




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