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It Matters Who Says It.

Take your time, do your homework.  Selecting a coach is a big decision.  What's their experience in the business?  What amount of time, energy and presence will they invest in your journey?  Here's what clients are saying about their coaching experience with Tanya. 

"Tanya is an excellent coach and I highly recommend her! She personalizes the coaching to each individual by meeting them where they are at and walking with them on the path of business and personal growth. I have grown my business by more than double while being coached by her and my personal relationships and life have grown deeper as well. I cannot recommend her coaching enough. "

Gina Dhom
Broker, CoachGinaD.com

"We have loved working with Tanya. Due to her positive encouragement and providing us with practical tools and regular accountability, we have gotten systems and workflows in place and celebrated wins both professionally and personally. Her coaching is informed by a depth of experience, and she generously shares her insights while also being a great listener and thoughtful advisor as our industry is fast-paced and quickly changing. Tanya has made us strong believers in the importance and value of having a great coach on your side, and even during our busiest times, our sessions with her are always a priority and highlight of our week. We highly recommend her!"

Erin & Charlie Sirianni

"I really appreciate the tangible benefit of (High Performance Coaching) worksheet tools in combination with the less tangible 'thought work' where I can apply the principles we've been discussing to a real situation I am dealing with. The pillars here are useful across multiple aspects of life; personal and work lives both benefit from taking the time to really think through challenges and then take the next step using the guided action of the worksheet. "

Diane Forbes
Chief Operations Officer & Consultant at NIS

"In a just a few short weeks after starting coaching with Tanya, I could see a difference in myself. I started talking myself into good habits vs. talking myself out of them like I was prior. Tanya is a great listener and truly cares about her clients and helping them accomplish their goals."

Brooke Hamby
Broker, brookehamby.withwre.com

"I’ve benefited greatly from my time with Tanya. Her coaching services were tailored specifically to my needs and she showed up wholehearted and prepared for each session. We spent time on organization, business planning, client appreciation event coordination, and creating systems; and I have no doubt that these things turned out better because of Tanya’s influence. I encourage you to invest the time and energy into B. Well’s coaching, the return is exponential. "

Leah Hyland
Broker, leahhyland.com

"Tanya is caring and warm in her approach. She has an ability to make people believe in themselves and motivate them to be their best self while also reminding people that it’s OK to be human. She helped me develop tools to form productive habits and routines needed to accomplish my goals."

Judy DeGrandpre
Broker, www.judydegrandpre.com

"Coaching sessions with Tanya have been incredibly helpful. She has a way of breaking things down to make tasks and schedules very easy to understand and manage. Tanya's positive attitude gives you the drive, confidence, and motivation to be able to achieve your goals in your career and life in general. I have found a lot of value in. her coaching sessions and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get on the path to success."

Ikaika Paakaula
Broker, ikaika.withwre.com

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